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Go Fund Me Download pack $100.00 level includes:

SUPER-7 New Millennium Jams downloads:
1. Faith Enough
2. Jesus Period
3. Overcomin Child of God
4. House of Praise
5. Stand Up
6. Just Like He Said
7. Heart of a Champion

SUPER-7 Gospel Time Mixes downloads:
1. I Got the Joy
2. The Overflow
3. Center of My Heart
4. We Lift You Up
5. I'll Love You Forever
6. I Can See Heaven Open
7. If God Be for Me

SUPER-7 Story Songs Volume 1 downloads:
1. Revival in the Land
2. Soap Song
3. This Blood
4. Jericho The Shout of Victory
5. 1955
6. Satan Bite the Dust
7. The 3rd Heaven

SUPER-7 Story Songs Volume 2 downloads:
1. Lazarus Come Forth
2. Are You the One
3. The Flag
4. This Blood/This Power Duet with Andrae Crouch
5. Witches Invitation
6. Somewhere It's Snowing
7. The Champion

SUPER-7 Classic Hymn Remixes downloads:
1. Just as I Am
2. Nothing but the Blood/It is the Blood
3. Jesus Now
4. How Great Thou Art/Great is our God
5. I Feel Jesus
6. Glory Glory/Ode to Joy
7. I have Decided

SUPER-7 Live in Concert downloads:
1. I've Been Delivered
2. Lord of All
3. Bless God
4. Sunday's on the Way
5. This is my Bible
6. No Way We are not Ashamed
7. Radically Saved

Private Diary Pictures Page 5
2 Gold Reserved Seating tickets
Tour tote bag
Meet and greet with Carman

Tickets good at any concert in 2016.

For Tickets, please email Gerald Roy at ggeraldroy@gmail.com.

The tour tote bag, cd and t-shirt will be available for pickup at the concert you attend.

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Go Fund Me Download Pack $100.00 Level

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