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It's my new musical called 'Christ THE CHAMPION'.
People have told me for 40 years they do theatrical skits, dance and mime with my songs. I could see a story line of Jesus's Birth, life, death and resurrection through the music. So I put the best songs together and did a short voice dialogue over the intros to connect the storylines and It almost created itself and only 75 minutes. I had in my hands an anointed musical. All it needed was the talent from the church to add the visuals: The actors, costumes, Hip hop, interpretive, country or ballet dancers or whatever talent is in your church and you have a dynamic and fun new musical.

There's over 15 songs like:
The Champion, Lazarus come forth, This blood is for you, Great God, Sunday school rock, Jesus Heal me, Holdin on and I feel Jesus. And if you send a video of a you song perform to A5StarEvent@aol.com so I can see the quality, if it's good, I'll post it right here on Facebook. I'll select one church to premiere the whole musical and I will personally come to the winners church (somewhere in the USA) to introduce it "Live" and in person. So if your church want's something fresh and new to get people praising, singing, cheering, worshiping and see 100's saved ,then I have the musical for you. I'll make it available as a present from me to you for all your prayerfull support through the life and death struggle I've fought with cancer :

"Christ THE CHAMPION" Carman's New ROCK OPERA. Is now available now to you FREE. Pastors remember, If you want to book a concert at your church for 2020 just call Lori at 828-246-4498. PLEASE share your thoughts with me after you hear this. Will your church be doing the "Christ the Champion" musical ?
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